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You don't need to show how sweet you are ,your words just gives it away,
all i can say is a guy like you, doesn't come everyday.
Your words inspire me in such a way,
that it leaves me crying each time of the day,
A warm hearted person like you is hard to find,
thank you for being so kind!
The thoughtfull gestures you have will forever stay on my mind,
everytime i think of what you did for me and my baby it will always rewind,
Your a pure soul,
may life fullfill all your goals,
May it be full of happiness and not of grief.
and may you find your soulmate you will forever keep!
from a friend that will always love you till the farthest ocean
is a little poem , you can always keep!!!

thank you for being careing and listening to my dark moments
also for dedicating a poem to my little angel brian!