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Hey whats up! Here you can find some information about me. :) just give the page a few seconds to load so you can hear the song. If you want to disable the sound at any time, just hit the "ESC" key once. I hope you enjoy yourself! Email me and send me your comments, ideas, your number, suggestions, questions etc. lol jk about the number click here.

April 2009

About Me

Here's a little about myself. My name is Anthony and I'm from New Jersey, USA. I am grateful that God has given me a family that I love and care about. I've learned to appreciate every day, every minute, and every second that I am with them. I've learned how much my family means to me. I'm a very caring and honest guy. I'm all about showing and giving love. I respect everyone opinions and beliefs because I'm a very opened minded person.

I started college back in 1999 all the way till 9/11. After that, I decided to put my schooling on hold and join the military. I served four years in the United States Marine Corps. I finished my service with the military (or so I thought) in May 2006 and went back to school to finish what I started. My major was criminal justice and I plan to do something with law enforcement once I graduate. I’ve been enjoying the civilian life by working, going to school and making new friends. In 2008 I received a letter from the military, stating that I have involuntary orders and I will report to active duty and serve in Iraq. On May 17th, 2008 I left my family, friends, and job to serve my country again. I spent seven long months in Iraq. Even though my political views have changed since 9/11 and I do not agree with the whole situation in Iraq, I still serve my country faithfully. I had time to think and wonder about everything that went on in my life but I had more questions than answers. On March 25th, 2009 I was finally released from active duty for good. I plan to go back to school for my masters.

We'll see what happens in life. I know that I will set goals and try to plan ahead. I know that I am still young and there are a lot of things I want to do and see.

You can find more info about me by scrolling down and reading the rest. I want to thank everyone who visited my website, signed my guestbook and sent me e-mails. I thank you for all the support and kind words. I will be updating my website as often as possible.

Stay strong.