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once 1:

we once were 1 but now were're 2
i thought i was in love with u
U were my first love but most of all my first taste of  true life
u left without a trace and my heart at a pace
while ur voice still lingers with face
the heart u played with was left at a race
my love for u will never leave, but urs for me has met its end.

Friends 4 a lifetime:

remember when we 1st met eachother
we never talked all we did was stare
holding conversations within each others glare
like 2 children who are shy full of glee
then 1 day our 2 worlds collided
here is where we became 2 of a kind for the 1st time
some one created 1 of the most beautiful gifts...a friendship
for this friendship i give my all
because 1 look at u brins me joy and i know u'll always be my friend
i just knew when we 1st met each other that we'd be friends 4eva
thoughts of my closest cousin reminded me of u
from this i saw all the things we'd go through and over come our personality can really understand me
as i friend i cherish what we have
u've helped me 2 betta understand others kept me fom blowing my top on jus any given tip
u console me and help me a lot ur a great friend and i know i'm the same
this is y we r 2 of a kind
jus know i got ur back cuz i know u always got mine and we'll be friends for a lifetime
no type of chasm can keep us from communicating
u've taught me a great deal & i'm grateful
Remember when we 1st met each other?
how we got this far and it was hard but if we gotto i know we'll beat them in the end.
meeting eachother must have been a miracle
like 2 people destined to meet each other
tis must be y we r 2 of a kind and will always be friends for a lifetime

~~~>all by Melissa Hernandez